Educational outreach

Our organization’s programs provide a quality educational experience intended to heighten awareness of the greater Clinton area’s rich heritage. Our purpose is to inspire visitors with a sense of how each footprint left behind a mark and with it the opportunity and responsibilities of preservation.

Our Rhoads-Harter house focuses on the life of a typical family, of ten, living in a bustling canal village during the last quarter of the 1800’s.

The Carriage House focuses upon the influence the canal had on everyday people and the industries that evolved… shipping. mining, glass and railroad.

Both museums are suitable for all ages. Our school programs are specific to the 3rd through 5th grades. Other age level programs are available.

Our DVD “This was Clinton” is a fifteen minute slide show featuring over 150 original photos taken in the 1800s, some of which have never been seen by the public.

The Village of Clinton is an unequaled combination of nature, culture, recreation and human accomplishments reinvested in a historic landscape virtually untouched by time. Even today, it is very unique, a couple miles off the interstate and you drive right into yesterday. It also contains some very unique sites to visit including the Veterans Memorial Park.


The Clinton Historical Society is an all volunteer, 501C3, organization dedicated to the education, preservation and promotion of the rich heritage of the greater Clinton area and its role along the Ohio & Erie Canal Corridor.

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